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Upgraded Ultrasonic Pest Repellent for a Arthropod & Mice Proof Home

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Pest Free Environment

Now enjoy a pest-free environment around your house. This Ultrasonic Pest Repeller covers an area of 800-1200 square feet. Just because ultrasonic sound waves can’t properly penetrate through walls, make sure you have one device plugged-in in each living space.


Risk-Free Pest Control

No harmful chemicals that would otherwise pose risk to kids and pets at home. Just plug-in and leave the rest to the compact device.

You are all covered 

You don’t need to buy various products for different kinds of pests and small animals. Pest Reject’s ultrasonic frequency covers all the arthropods and small rodents.

Wide operational area

With an effective range of 1200 square feet, PestReject can now cover wider premises. If installed at the right place, a couple of the devices will pretty well cover the entire house.

Working Principle

PestRject is a hi-tech ultrasonic insect and rodent repellent. The device uses ultrasonic sound waves to ward off a wide range of pests.

PestReject doesn’t kill insects. It just wards them off by generating sound waves of various frequencies that are audible to them. The frequency and intensity of the sound keep varying while still remaining outside the audible range of humans (20 HZ – 20 kHz) and animals like cats and dogs.

Pests are driven away in three ways:

  1. Simple sound scare: Most insects and rodents consider unusual sounds like a threat.
  2. Stressing sound receptors: The varying sound intensity creates stress on antennae and eardrums.
  3. Special case with mosquitos: This is not a built-in feature in the device. The simple fact that female mosquitos would avoid males after mating comes into play. Male mosquitos generate Ultrasonic sounds to find females. And females would only bite after mating as they would need human blood to nourish the eggs. In addition to stressing the antennae, the Ultrasonic sound from the device would behave like males to drive the females away.
  • Shell Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Size: Compact
  • Power: 5-6W
  • Voltage: AC 90V~250V 50-60Hz
  • Frequency range: Variable | 22-65KHz
  • Plug type: US, EU, UK
  • Effective Range: 80~120 square meters

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Ultrasonic Pest Repeller



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