Organic Culinary Matcha Green Tea Powder From Uji, Japan

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Grade: Culinary
Origin: Uji, Japan
Ground method: Stone Ground


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Why Choose Us?

  • We source matcha to over 400 local sellers Worldwide.
  • Because we source directly from the gardens, our prices are unbeatable.
  • You will get the highest quality at the most competitive prices.
  • No matter how far you are, we won’t charge you a penny on shipping.
  • We have accumulated trust by our best business practices.
  • We are certified by the top quality assurance organizations like Eurofins, SGS, EC Organic, Rainforest Alliance, ISO 22000, and USDA NOP Organic.

Basic characteristics of our matcha:

  • Sourced directly from the gardens.
  • Good for both sipping and blending.
  • Shade covered, steamed, air dried, de-stemmed.
  • Ground on ancient stone grinding wheels.
  • Made traditionally without the use of artificial colors, preservatives or additives.
  • Sugar and gluten-free.
Preliminary Details
Product Type
Culinary Premium Grade Matcha Powder from ExParis’s Gui Tea
Product description
Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder from exparis partnered gardens like GUI MATCHA, farmed  at an altitude of 1000 meters. Tea trees are shaded from strong sunlight to increase theanine, chlorophyll, which can ensure a fresh taste as well as as vibrant color.
Processing Type:
Shade grown/steaming method/stone-milled
FDA, ISO22000, QS, ETP, Rainforest, Eurofins, SGS
Export Mode:
Have own export license
Uji, Japan | Guizhou, China
Upto 1000 Kgs
Available For bulk importers


Quality Control

ExParis Gui Tea combines EU food safety standards with Japan’s top matcha production process. We uses semi automatic production lines to produce premium quality matcha. We are now one of the biggest matcha producers Worldwide.

Strict Quality Control
We set strict quality control to our mass production from its plantation, fertilization to production, and it is forbidden to use pesticides and herbicides to ensure the quality of tea from the source.

Authoritative Third-party Certification
We have cooperation with international authoritative testing institutions like Eurofins and SGS, our matcha exports meet EU food safety requirements.

Packaging Details

Standard multilayer airtight packets or bags.
Retail:  100 g/pack
Bulk: 5 Kg/bag
Port: Guangzhou or Shenzhen Port, China

Need Custom Packaging?
We can customize packaging as per your requirements. Contact our support center for further details.

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HIGHEST QUALITY ORGANIC MATCHA FROM JAPAN – Our certified JAS and USDA organic premium culinary grade Matcha is produced in Uji Japan. With a smooth natural flavor and vibrant green color, our Matcha is highly potent and is the highest quality of Matcha green tea that you can buy. 

organic matcha teaENERGY, MEMORY AND FOCUS ENHANCER – With the power of the Amino Acid L-Theanine, our matcha green tea will give you all day energy, mental clarity and focus for up to 6 hours, without jitters or crash.

FAT BLOCKER, BURNER & METABOLISM BOOSTER – Drinking Japanese Matcha green tea before working out will increase your metabolism, and burn 25% more body fat during an exercise. Unlike other weight loss diet supplements, our Japanese Matcha green tea is an all natural USDA organic product with no additives or preservatives.

LATTES, SMOOTHIES, SHAKES & BAKING MIX – We highly recommend using Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder to any baking recipe such as Lattes, Smoothies, Shakes or Cookies. The smooth and natural flavor of our Organic Japanese Matcha adds a whole new level of nutrition to any recipe.

ANTI-STRESS & ANTI-ANXIETY – Our select ceremonial grade of Japanese Matcha Green Tea has high levels of an organic amino acid called L-theanine. This amino acid combats stress and anxiety and gives you that calm relaxing feeling that you need to focus. We highly recommend matcha green tea for anyone dealing with anxiety or stress.


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Each batch is tested for potency and purity to ensure you are getting the full nutritious benefits of authentic, pure organic matcha tea. These are shown in ranges due to natural plant variations.

Caffeine: 25 – 35 mg / gram
L-Theanine: 6 – 12 mg / gram
Catechins: 130 – 140 mg / gram
EGCG: 57 – 68 mg / gram

Identity Verification: 
Identity Match ✓
Non-GMO Verification: No GMO Detected ✓


Even though our partner farms carry organic certification, we double check and test the integrity of each batch to ensure it is free from harmful microbes and pesticides.

Salmonella (<10 CFU/g): Not Detected ✓
Yeast & Mold (<10 CFU/g): Not Detected ✓
E. Coli (<10 CFU/g): Not Detected ✓

Carbamates (<0.01 ppm): Not Detected ✓
Organochlorine (<0.01 ppm): Not Detected ✓
Organonitrogen (<0.01 ppm): Not Detected ✓
Organophosphorus (<0.01 ppm): Not Detected ✓


The safety of our products is our absolute #1 concern, so we thoroughly test for contaminants including heavy metals and radiation, ensuring none of the bad stuff gets through.

Heavy Metals
Arsenic (<0.5 ppm): Not Detected ✓
Cadmium (<0.5 ppm): Not Detected ✓
Lead (<0.5 ppm): Not Detected ✓
Mercury (<0.5 ppm): Not Detected ✓

Cesium 134/137 (<5 Bq/kg): 
Not Detected ✓
Iodine 131 (<5 Bq/kg): Not Detected ✓

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  1. Zainab (verified owner)

    My homemade Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino Recipe: Ingredients: * 1 cups ice cubes * 1 cup whole milk * 1 tbsp matcha powder * 2 tbsp brown sugar * 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract * whipped cream (optional) Directions: Blend all ingredients, except for the whipped cream, together in a blender until smooth. Garnished with whipped cream and enjoy!


  2. Sam Candle (verified owner)

    Why would you send a frother that doesn’t even work?

    Sam Candle

  3. Endre (verified owner)

    Stronger than expected.


  4. Sophie (verified owner)

    Very fine powder, blends well, tastes great, no after taste or bitterness. I am still working on my technique to make the perfect cup of Matcha.


  5. Cathrine (verified owner)

    I lost 30lb in about three (3) weeks using Matcha Green Tea Powder. I stand by Matcha Green Tea as the number one ingredient in my weight loss.


  6. Kathy (verified owner)

    I’m a sucker for anything matcha. This has a good flavor. The powder is light and bright.


  7. Elizabeth Winsauer (verified owner)

    I have been mixing in my coffee every morning, although I’m not sure if it’s curbing my appetite, but it tastes good.

    Elizabeth Winsauer

  8. Tausha B (verified owner)

    I put this in my smoothies every morning and I love how much better I feel with an added boost of energy.

    Tausha B

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