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4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate | Powerful Magnetic Therapy Massage Weight Loss Oscillator

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4D Motion: 3 silent drive motors deliver Vibration, Oscillation and Micro Vibration, separately, together, or all three at the same time! Bluefin’s 4D vibration plate gives you a workout like no other.

Magnetic Therapy Sensors: Enjoy reflexology like massage mid-workout or while seated. Stimulate blood flow and soothe tired feet and legs. Generous curved surface provides maximum contact, comfort & safe, non-skid surface.

Intuitive LED Stop Light System: Ultra bright LEDs tell you how intensely you’re working with Red, Orange and Green. Check your fitness progress with a glance.

Loads of intelligent workout Options: 3 carefully designed program options and 7 challenging manual combinations for great variety. Just 10 minutes is sufficient for a full 4D workout.

Cutting Edge User-Friendly Technology: Bluetooth 4.0 speakers for crisp & clear sound, ergonomic + wearable remote control, easy to use control panel & settings keep your body challenged without confusing you.

BLUEFIN Fitness 4D Vibration Plate

Lose weight, increase muscle mass and improve your fitness with the ultimate vibration plate from BLUEFIN Fitness. With 4D Vibration, Oscillation & Micro Oscillation – the BLUEFIN 4D vibration plate provides cutting edge weight loss technology for the home, improving blood circulation, reducing cellulite and increasing bone density at the same time.

4D Vibration, Oscillation & Micro Oscillation from Triple Motors

Triple motors provide four dimensional vibration, oscillation & micro oscillation for the ultimate workout.

Lose weight, increase strength and improve your health with Horizontal Vibration, Linear Vibration, Micro Oscillation Massage and combined 4D Mode.

All-in-One Fitness + Massage

Micro-Oscillation Massage: Magnetic bead therapy helps to stimulate and soothe joint and muscle pain post-workout. Offering the benefits of reflexology, the 4D vibration plate is all-in-one fitness, exercise & massage equipment.

Integrated Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to your favourite music whilst you work out!

The BLUEFIN fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate comes with integrated Bluetooth speakers, connect any Bluetooth device in seconds and step up your motivation.

Wearable Remote Control

Control your workout remotely! Change things up whilst you work out. Control vibration intensity, workout time, vibration type and automatic programmes with the included fully functional & wearable remote control.

Track your workout with the bright LCD display. Track your time and intensity level whilst you workout, soft touch buttons control intensity, time and programmes.

Extras & Accessories


  • Resistance Cords for a more intensive workout
  • FREE Exercise Poster
  • Workout + Nutrition Guide
  • Multi-language Instruction Manual
  • Remote Control

Burn Fat & Lose Weight

  • Vibrations enhance simple exercise routines
  • Significantly improves weight-loss targets
  • Reduces timescales of your set goals

Increase Muscle Power

  • Muscles contract up to 50 times more than usual
  • Gives rapid results without the intensity of a heavy workout
  • Target specific muscle groups for more definition & size

Improves Your Core Strength

  • Vibrations force abdomen, back & pelvis muscles to work harder
  • Improves core strength & athletic power
  • Makes physical activity easier over a period of time

Enhance Toning & Shaping

  • Combats cellulite build-up for ideal tone & shape
  • Combine your workout with cellulite-busting exercises
  • Experience visibly rapid & rewarding results



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